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Friendship Circle of Cleveland’s Total Inclusion Hebrew School

Kulanu Torah Circle and Torah for Teens


Jewish Values - Holidays - Prayer - Hebrew Language 


Kulanu Torah Circle and Torah for Teens are designed to enrich the spiritual lives of our students through both experiential learning in the classroom as well as family education programming. These programs focus on nurturing each child’s Jewish identity and provide an inclusive environment of Jewish learning for children of varying abilities, ages five through seventeen.


Children with special needs learn alongside typically developing children, and in this way, a cohesive culture of caring and respect are nurtured.


The Jewish values of Kavod Habriot (Honoring every person) and Derech Eretz (Respect) organically exist within the walls of these classrooms. Through differentiated instruction, each child is challenged to reach his/her learning potential. Learning opportunities include communal prayer, Jewish values, holidays and Hebrew language.


Time: 12:00–1:30 p.m.
Dates: Every Sunday (Except on Holidays)
Location: Friendship Circle, 27900 Gates Mills Blvd. Pepper Pike, OH 44124
Age: Children 5-18

Fee: $120 if not registered for Sunday Circle
         $60 if registered for Sunday Circle

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  To register your child:


1. Complete the annual Emergency Contact Information (only 1x per year)

2. Complete the Program Registration Form