Birthday Gift Friendzy

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Friendship Circle wants to make your child feel extra special on their birthday.  Beginning January 2018, Playmatters, a specialty toy store in Pepper Pike and Solon, is helping to make that happen.

Please select one toy for your child.  Friendship Circle will deliver the birthday gift on or around their birthday.  All birthday gifts for the entire year will be ordered at one time, so please make sure to place your order on or before Dec. 15, 2017

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Thumbnail of Pictures to be filed 037.jpg Kwik Stix Paint Set ages 3-10

Beautiful, vibrant, mess-free paint sticks! No water or brushes needed and they dry in just 90 seconds. Use on paper, cardboard, wood or canvas – get bold lines with the Kwik Stix and finer detail with the Thin Stix! A direct line from imagination to creation! Each set sold separately. For ages 3-10 yrs, from Pencil Grip.


Thumbnail of Pictures to be filed 037.jpg Ravensburger puzzle – ages 6-10

Precision-cut pieces combined with the Disney theme make this 100-piece puzzle irresistible! Over 14x19", it has lots of developmental benefits for rainy day fun with Lightning McQueen!


Thumbnail of Pictures to be filed 037.jpg Gogo Gelato  ages 6-12

Here's the scoop. In this fast-paced dexterity game, players race to fill the customer's order exactly – but don't touch or drop the cones! 54 challenge cards + 16 cones + 12 scoops = a yummy good time. For 2-4 players.



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 Ultra flow air power soccer disk – ages 6- teen

It floats and hovers on a cushion of air, with a built-in “electric colors” LED light show that never burns out! The soft outer rim is furniture friendly and gives amazing rebound! Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. From Toysmith Group, for ages 6 yrs-teen.



Thumbnail of Pictures to be filed 037.jpg The amazing star cube – ages 8 – teen

Is it a cube or a 12-point star or 2 stars? Answer "yes!" to every question. This geometric puzzle perpetually transforms, morphing into an endless loop of geometric shapes. Can you figure it out? For ages 8 yrs-teen, from California Creations.

- Colored square and triangle sections hide a star inside
- The cube splits into two, then changes into two 12 point stars
- Helps develop fine motor skills 

Winner of 2016 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Finalist Award


Thumbnail of Pictures to be filed 037.jpg Fidgitz ages 8-adult

The fidget toy that runs on brain power! This 3-dimensional, twist-and-turn puzzle challenges you to make 1 side all blue, the other all white. Impossible to put down!