Friendship Circle In The News

Friendship Circle In The News

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Friendship Circle In The News


Cleveland Jewish News; February 17, 2012; Friendship Circle celebrated first year in new home 


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ClevelandJewish News; May 8, 2009; …And So He Created Grandparents


ClevelandJewish News; May 30, 2008; Counting Our Blessings


ClevelandJewish News; March 22, 2007; Changing the World One Friend at a Time


Cleveland Jewish News; November 16, 2006; Friendship Circle Purchases Workmen’s Circle


ClevelandJewish News; October 5, 2006; Abracadabra


ClevelandJewish News; September 1, 2006; ‘Student of the Mind’ to Read Clevelanders’ Thoughts


Cleveland Jewish News; February 5, 2004; Special-needs Kids Glow When Teen Friends Show