Volunteer Evaluation to be filled out after the school year.

Name Email
Phone Cell
School Grade Entering
I am currently volunteering with I volunteer for
The Friendship Circle activity I volunteer for:
Sunday Circle Friends @ Home Teen Scene Chai Five
How has your volunteering experience been
Friends @ Home Volunteers
How often do you volunteer with your family
Do you feel comfortable in your Friendship Circle family's home?
Please Explain
In what ways do you think The Friendship Circle staff can better assist your weekly visits?
Do you feel you have gained from the visits each week?
Please check all that apply:
I would like to continue visiting the same family next year
I would like to commit to volunteering weekly with a new family
I would like to volunteer together with someone else next year.
Please comment
I am a senior and cannot volunteer next year. I think will be a great replacement for my Friendship Circle family
Other Programs Volunteers
What do you feel you gained most from your volunteer experience?
What aspect of the program was uncomfortable for you?
Did you feel that you had enough assistance from staff during the program?
Can you tell us what activity your child enjoyed most/least?
Do you have any program suggestions?
Please comment