The Youth Ability program creates meaningful experiences for students with disabilities and at-risk youth.

Youth Ability empowers disabled and at-risk teens by engaging them in volunteer activities.  The goals of the program are to explore natural talents and interests, develop job skills and improve self-confidence.   Young adults have opportunities to volunteer in a group and/or individual settings.  All volunteer experiences aim to integrated with typically developing peers.  Youth Ability members donate about 6,500 hours of service annually to the community.  They volunteer at nearly 100 sites across Cuyahoga County.

Our program can benefit students in the following ways:

• Youth Ability volunteers build on their natural strengths.

Each volunteer experience is designed to develop the student’s talents and interests.

• Youth Ability volunteers experience the rewards of giving.

Service to the community is empowering. Knowing that one is making a positive difference fosters civic responsibility and builds self-esteem.

• Youth Ability volunteers develop life and job-readiness skills.

Volunteer experience can lead to future employment.

Here is the current application.  For more information or any questions, please contact Heidi Solomon at JFSA  216.378.3434 or [email protected]