Our 2022 Partners

The generous support from the community helps Friendship Circle provide social based programs for children with special needs, support for their families, and an inspiring opportunity for teenage volunteers to positively affect the lives of others.
Our community is grateful for your support.
Become a Partner Corporate Brochure (PDF)

President Circle

  •  Craig and Pamela Kahn 
  •  The Krause Foundation 
  •  Steve and Penni Weinberg 
Leadership Circle

  •  Timothy Beyer 
  •  Peter and Aliki Rzepka 
Platinum Circle

Diamond Circle

  • Bishop Park Estates
  • Gary and Diane Waxman
  • Jerry Zahler
Gold Circle

  • Famous Enterprises, Inc.
  • Brian and Cheryl Fox
  • Bill and Anita Heller
  • Albert and Audrey Ratner
  • Ben and Michele Katz
  • The David and Inez Myers Foundation
Silver Circle

  • Vic Cohn
  • Norma Geller
  • David and Becky Heller
  • Geraldo and Erica Rivera
  • Jared and Stephanie Miller
  • Alex and Jen Newman
  • Mike and Jill Stovsky
  • Fred and Anne Rzepka
  • Paul and Diana Schwartz
  • Marsal Rosenberg
  • Peggy and John Garson Family Foundation
  • The Kline Family Foundation
  • Bishop Park Estates
  • Bishop Park Estates
Bronze Circle

  • Joel and Sharon Peerless
  • Larry and Cathy Goldberg
  • Ron and Elayne Kluchin
  • Gerald and Tracy Appel
  • Jeffrey and Danielle Wild
  • Lee and Theresa Markowitz
  • Vector
  • Mika
  • Gross
  • Red oak
Chai Circle

  • Marshall and Brenda Brown
  • Michael and Kareen Caputo
  • David and Enid Rosenberg
  • Ezra Stark and Rachel Rothner Startk
  • Larry and Norma Zukerman
  • Jeremy and Liza Steiger
  • Cre8 Sparks
  • Lewin & Associates
  • Socher
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