School, sports, friends and more - we know how busy it can be.

Our group of Jewish teens want to make a difference in the world- to improve the world step by step, person by person.

To get started 


Just a couple of hours each week can change the life of a child by doing the things you already enjoy – playing games and sports, drawing, listening to music and more. We work with your schedule and interests to help find the best way for you to get the most from your volunteer experience.

  • Sunday Circle — Engage in group activities weekly during the academic year.

  • After School Activities — Join us from Monday to Thursday after school.

  • Seasonal Camps — Contribute during our 2-week-long Summer or Winter camps.

  • Better Together — Build friendships by visiting senior homes with your Friends.

  • Friends @ Home — Weekly visits to children with special needs for games, activities, and more.

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Questions? Contact Yosef at (216)385-6026 via call or text.

By volunteering with Friendship Circle, you join hundreds of teenagers who are committed, excited and motivated to learn more and do more.