Friendship Circle Friend of the Month


Friend: Andie Berlin
Parents: Greg and Marla Berlin
School and Grade: Orange, 10th Grade
Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleading and Lacrosse

Andie’s Essay:

I became involved with Friendship Circle last year during the pandemic. This year, I have joined in-person programs. Although the virtual Zoom programs were very important and enjoyable, I think I make a greater impact at in-person programs because I feel a better sense of connection.

I enjoy many aspects of Friendship Circle. I attend Sunday Circle nearly every Sunday, and I join either Teen Scene or Friendship Social during the week. During the programs, I really enjoy Music Circle, because I can dance to the music with my friends. We also participate in fun sensory activities and crafts.

What keeps me coming back to the programs is the feeling I get after spending time with my special friends. I feel like a better person, knowing I've made a positive impact on others. 

My participation at Friendship Circle has helped me to be more understanding of challenges other people face. For example: the time when I saw a friend from Friendship Circle crying in the school hallway. Many other students were just walking by her, but because of my experience at Friendship Circle, I had the confidence to go over to her and help her. I really like Friendship Circle a lot!