Stuart Berkowitz
Patty Chaitoff
Sheldon Fromson
Ken Sacks
Anna Sanders
Emmanuel Sanders
Marla Silberman
Coby Socher
Sharon Socher
Ed Weintraub


Karen and Ori Akrish
Tracy and Gerald Appel
Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim and Marshall Barron
Marcia and Alec Berezin
Lora and Stuart Berkowitz
Vanessa and Anthony Mandel Beyer
Faith and Rabbi Binyamin Blau
Patty and Craig Chaitoff
Gail and Harley Cohen
Avigayil and Benyamin Cweiber
Jennifer and Grant Dinner
Grace and Michael Drusinsky
Kathy and Fred Eisner
Lori and Jeff Epstein
Barry Feldman
Sherrie and Ron Fleeter
Cheryl and Brian Fox
Lydia and Michael Frankel
Judy and David Friedman
Stacy and Bruce Friedman
Marci Friedman
Linda Blumenthal and Michael Friedman
Barbara and Shelly Fromson
Peggy and John Garson
Judge Francine Goldberg and David Geduld
Helene and Eliot Gelb
Norma and Albert Geller
Laurie and Dan Goetz
Cathy and Larry Goldberg
Shari and Michael Goldberg
Ronda and Jim Goldfarb
Allyson and Andrew Goldstein
Penny and Bob Greenberger
Cari and Gary Gross
Rochelle and Harley Gross
Ida and Irwin Haber
Dina and Shmully Halpern
Darla and Aaron Handler
Erika and Mike Hays
Anita and Bill Heller
Becky and David Heller
Heddy and Hy Holz
Lara and Gary Isakov
Edna and Amir Jaffa
Roseann and Michael Kadis
Michele and Jordan Kaminsky
Pam and Joe Kanfer
Michele and Ben Katz
Cathy Kilbane and Don Bullock
Mike Klein
Susan and Howard Kossoff
Karen and Alan Krause
Cheryl and Danny Kretch
Beth and Dr. Alan Kuhel
Erin and Jonathan Leebow
Mady Friedman and Norman Levin
Theresa and Lee Markowitz
Stephanie and Jared Miller
Jan and Linda Moskowitz
Jill and Jeff Muencz
Stephanie and David Orlean
Sharon and Dr. Joel Peerless
Lori and Steve Raichilson
Audrey and Albert Ratner
Sheerli and Joel Ratner
Nadine and John Resor
Enid and Dr. David Rosenberg
Bobby and Richard Rosner
Sheri and Ken Sacks
Tamar and Doron Schiowitz
Diana Schiowitz and Paul Schwartz
Jodi and Marty Shagrin
Barbara and Jon Shane
Shanie and Boaz Shevach
Marla Silberman
Drs. Marcy Schwartz and Daniel Simon
Sharon and Coby Socher
Carmie and Todd Stein
Janet and Will Sukenik
Barbara and Ira Taub
Beverley and Richard Uria
Gail and Ed Weintraub
Hildee and Gary Weiss
Judy and Morry Weiss
Joan and Chuck Whitehill
Danielle Wild
Sandy and Tim Wuliger
Iris and Gerald Zahler
Paula and Kenneth Zeisler
Ellen and Dan Zelman
Lisa and Rob Zimmerman
Marci and Perry Zohos